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Jay-Z Partners with Caliva & Fights Injustices


Jay-Z Partners with Caliva & Fights Injustices

Jay-Z has partnered with California-based cannabis company Caliva. This exciting industry news could be a big opportunity for fighting social injustices. How can this partnership help individuals with marijuana convictions?

California-based marijuana brand Caliva announced that rap mogul and entrepreneur Shawn “Jay-Z” Carter will be entering a multi-year agreement with their company. Jay-Z will be serving as Caliva’s Chief Brand Strategist. According to a statement from Caliva, Jay-Z’s duties will include outreach efforts, brand strategizing, and creative decisions.

“For Jay-Z to seek out Caliva as a partner is humbling and confirms our mission of being the most trusted name in cannabis,” said Caliva CEO Dennis O’Malley. “We believe this partnership is unparalleled in this or any business and we could not be more pleased to be working with him and have him as our Chief Brand Strategist.”

Jay-Z’s Mission

As Chief Brand Strategist, Jay-Z plans to focus on the social injustices that surround marijuana use and legalization. He told Caliva that he plans to accomplish this “through advocacy, job training, and overall employee and workforce development.” By hiring individuals who have been victimized by cannabis laws, Jay-Z can advocate for this community and offer them financial freedom.

“Anything I do, I want to do correctly and at the highest level. With all the potential in the cannabis industry, Caliva’s expertise and ethos makes them the best partner for this endeavor,” stated Jay-Z. “We want to create something amazing, have fun in the process, do good and bring people along the way.”

Hopefully, working together, Caliva and Jay-Z can “shape the conversation surrounding cannabis [and] foster equality and fairness in the development of the industry.”  This partnership aims to “promote awareness for the many uses and benefits of cannabis and empower consumers to feel free to use cannabis how, when, and where they want.”

Caliva & the Cannabis Industry

Caliva is a major player in the production and sale of cannabis products in California’s legal marijuana market. Headquartered in San Jose, California, Caliva does the bulk of their business in the San Francisco Bay Area.

They have 150,000+ square feet of real estate that encompasses their cultivation, manufacturing, and retail spaces. Over 250 cannabis retailers throughout California carry Caliva products. It’s no surprise that Caliva has gained the attention of a variety of high-profile investors and Jay-Z. 

Celebrities & Cannabis

Jay-Z isn’t the first celebrity to find their place in the legal marijuana market. Earlier this year, Hall of Fame quarterback and San Francisco 49ers legend Joe Montana was among a group of investors who secured $75 million in a fundraising round for Caliva. This group of investors also included Carol Bartz, former CEO of Yahoo.

Montana expressed his hope “that Caliva’s strong management team will successfully develop and bring to market quality health and wellness products that can provide relief to many people and can make a serious impact on opioid use or addiction.”

A number of other popular celebrities have also invested in the marijuana industry, including Snoop-Dogg, Martha Stewart, Whoopi Goldberg, Seth Rogen, and Wiz Khalifa. These mainstream celebrity endorsements of cannabis is yet another sign that weed is more accepted now than ever before. Jay-Z’s emphasis on fighting marijuana-related injustices will further that acceptance, and hopefully rectify some of those wrongs.


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