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A Look at TheWeedTube and Its Top Creators


A Look at TheWeedTube and Its Top Creators

Have you checked out the videos on TheWeedTube? This stoner version of YouTube is the coolest online hangout for smoking with strangers and sharing dank content.

The world is beginning to accept marijuana use, and laws are rapidly changing to reflect that. States across America have started to legalize cannabis both medically and recreationally. Around the globe, marijuana laws are also evolving in Mexico, Canada, and many other nations.

Slowly but surely, the negative stigma and illegality surrounding marijuana is lessening. So why are social media sites still policing users for something that’s legal in a growing number of places? Thankfully, not every social media site feels the need to harsh their users’ mellow. Welcome to TheWeedTube.

A Safe Place for Stoners

Even though the world is starting to come to terms with marijuana use, social media companies still aren’t playing nice. You used to be able to follow your favorite cannabis influencers on YouTube, but not anymore. The popular video hosting site removed several cannabis-related accounts during a time that many vloggers called the ‘weed-pocalypse.’ Without warning, videos and channels with cannabis content were deleted or demonetized. To fight this injustice, the group of banned creators came together to form TheWeedTube.

Why Do We Need TheWeedTube?

TheWeedTube is a safe haven for cannabis enthusiasts and their content. Much like YouTube, Instagram and Facebook have also been known to unceremoniously delete marijuana posts and accounts. Weed-related paraphernalia is heavily policed on these platforms despite their claims to allow for cannabis advocacy and discussion. Shockingly, cannabis content was restricted from searches on Facebook until late 2018. Furthermore, to this day, you can’t advertise cannabis-related accessories like bongs, vapes, or rolling papers on Facebook. Twitter has similar policies, with exceptions made for Canadian advertisements. While these social media sites have conflicting policies regarding marijuana, TheWeedTube is for stoners and by stoners. 

Since the three largest social media giants have such strict limitations, there’s a huge need for a space where cannabis enthusiasts and content creators can interact and thrive. The platform also allows users to monetize their videos and showcases weed-related ads. The site is constantly evolving and introducing new features and improvements. It is now available to download from both the Apple App Store and the Google Play Store.

Recommended Channels

TheWeedTube is growing fast, and new channels are being created every day. One of the best ways to find new, exciting content is to browse through TheWeedTube categories or scroll through the featured videos. Another good way to ensure a good stream of content is to subscribe to some of the hottest channels and creators. Check out these Dank recommended channels to see the best of what TheWeedTube has to offer.


If you’re looking for something laid-back to watch, check out SilencedHippie.  The majority of her videos are relaxing smoke sessions peppered with light conversation. Sometimes, you can watch her wake and bake with friends. Her personality is soothing and her content is relaxing.

SilencedHippie is known for her nature seshes more than anything. She beautiful outdoor locations to toke it up with her friends. Give SilencedHippie’s channel a chance if you enjoy smoking along to some breathtaking scenery. 


Matthias710 is a cannabis content creator with a ton of wildly fun videos. He’s been making popular videos for years now, and was another unfortunate casualty of YouTube’s weed ban. Matthias710 makes adventurous videos where he consumes cannabis and does fun activities, like white water rafting or going on road trips. You can also see him do some pretty crazy things like taking dabs through the nose or taking a hit from every single piece of glass that he owns (it’s a lot of glass).

Once in a while, you can catch Matthias710 experimenting with magic mushrooms while he opens fan mail or goes on scenic hikes. Matthias710 is a unique character with tons of entertaining content. If you get the chance, check out his channel.


ArendRichard, formerly known as TheGayStoner before his YouTube channel was axed, is the co-founder and CEO of TheWeedTube. He makes videos of himself playing VR games while super high. He also vlogs as he goes about his day and visits places like the aquarium and mall while super baked off edibles. In one video, he even visits the High Times penthouse.

Outside of this fun content, he also films “Watch and Sesh” videos where he discusses certain topics like how to become a popular Weedtuber or what his stoner travel essentials are. He offers some wonderful content that’s really entertaining to watch.


Macdizzle420 is another well-known figure within the cannabis community. She’s a co-founder of TheWeedTube and best known for her stoner antics and goofy, yet charming personality. Her videos are always engaging and entertaining. You can usually catch her eating potent edibles before attempting something that will turn out hilarious. In one video, she eats 400mg of THC edibles and then tries to follow a Bob Ross tutorial. Another fantastic moment is when she scarfs downed 1000mg of edibles and then tries her best to cook spaghetti. 

Overall, she films a lot of vlogs, does challenges, and plays games while enjoying some dank weed. Macdizzle420 is also the creator and host of 2 Girls 1 Bong, a cannabis-themed variety show on TheWeedTube.


KaolaPuffss currently holds the title for most subscribed-to user on TheWeedTube. This isn’t surprising considering her popularity within in the cannabis community. She has a fun-loving personality, tons of energy, and dedicated fans.

You can catch her making hilarious cannabis related-skits by herself or with her buddies. She also has tutorials to teach viewers how to roll braided or cross joints. It’s entertaining watching her and her friends playing classic games like Uno, Operation, and Simon Says while baked off of edibles or dabs. You’ll often find her good friend Macdizzle420 featured alongside her in a lot of her videos. 

Like and Subscribe!

Sites and apps like TheWeedTube can only thrive and serve their purpose if the community actually uses it and actively engages with each other on the platform. If you haven’t done so yet, consider doing your part and signing up for TheWeedTube and checking out some of the content available. You can even try making your own content. The community can always use more content creators sharing the joys of marijuana.



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