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The Buzz About CannaBuzz


The Buzz About CannaBuzz

The cannabis community needs a social media site that celebrates weed instead of restricting it. Could Cannabuzz be the new online safe space for stoners, smokers, and growers?

Cannabis is quickly shedding its negative stigma and becoming legalized across the globe, both medically and recreationally. Now, marijuana enthusiasts and advocates have ran into a new issue: online censorship.

Social media sites like Facebook, YouTube, and Instagram have been known to remove posts and ban accounts with weed-related content. Luckily, there are people within the cannabis community who have come together to provide online spaces where marijuana discussion and advocacy is encouraged. The social media site CannaBuzz is hoping to change the game and be the go-to online hangout for cannabis enthusiasts.

What is CannaBuzz?

CannaBuzz is a social media app aimed directly at cannabis enthusiasts and advocates. Released by Sam Houston on April 26th, 2019, the site is a safe space for all weed lovers. Users can interact and engage with one another without the fear of being banned or having content deleted.

CannaBuzz is completely focused on cannabis and the app experience is controlled by the user. Other social networks like Instagram tend to not allow cannabis posts, leading to account bans and this really unfortunate process where people end up creating and recreating accounts.” Houston said.

While some cannabis-focused social media apps already exist, like TheWeedTube, Houston believes CannaBuzz is a unique standout. “With respect to most of the cannabis apps out today, they don’t have the type of user experience and design that CannaBuzz has, with a focus on a user’s friends and the groups that they’ve joined.”

Social Media for Stoners

The need for cannabis-friendly social media sites is real. Discussions about marijuana use are important on a political, medical, and social level. CannaBuzz is able to offer a community for sharing these ideas. This space gives people better access to information and resources without fear of judgement or worrying that their content will be taken down.

I feel strongly that the cannabis community needs a safe space online,” Houston said. “People need to have access to information, to have access to peers that can help them in their cannabis journey . . . The cannabis community is still hugely underestimated by certain segments of the business and investor markets.”

The Future of CannaBuzz

CannaBuzz is a relatively new app, but Houston already has some great ideas for the future of the site. “I’d like to see the app expand the livestreaming capabilities a bit more, to create a more interactive experience,” he began. Streaming live events is a great way to engage with an audience. Within the cannabis community, it’s popular to broadcast your smoke session live.

“I’d [also] like to explore more ways to showcase cool content in the community, to help people discover people to follow or groups that they should join.” Houston added. “I’m hopeful that people will come to see CannaBuzz as an authentic home for the cannabis community.” 

When asked what marijuana strain best represents CannaBuzz, Houston responded, “I’d like to be seen as a Blue Dream. To me, Blue Dream is a very laid back and uplifting strain . . . It feels good and it feels safe. I hope people will come to see CannaBuzz as a safe place to hang out with friends, to be laid back and have a good time.” 

With enough support, CannaBuzz could become the social media platform where cannabis enthusiasts truly feel at home. Join the community today to see what all the buzz is about! You can download CannaBuzz on iOS and Android.


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