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The Buzz About Cannabis Lollipops

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The Buzz About Cannabis Lollipops

Do cannabis lollipops produce a sweet high, or is it just a sugar rush? These weed-infused suckers are the tastiest, trendiest way to get lifted.

Cannabis lollipops may be the latest trend for delicious 420-friendly treats. These suckers are powerfully potent and packed full of flavor. Are you interested in having your candy with a twist? Well, now you can with this incredible infusion of marijuana and lollipops!

Cannabis lollipops are just like the candy you remember as a child, with the only difference being that they’re infused with marijuana. Some versions of the candy are made with THC, while others are infused with CBD.

Why try cannabis lollipops

Medical and recreational cannabis users alike will enjoy marijuana-infused lollipops. Ingesting candy and cannabis together is a sweet deal that gets you pleasantly high. These treats are tasty, portable, and potent.

With cannabis lollipops, part of the appeal is the extensive range of flavors available. These marijuana suckers come in flavors like toasted coconut, pineapple, grape, lemon, cherry, and more. 

For medical users, cannabis lollipops are discreet and relatively easy to dose accurately. If you live with chronic pain, appetite loss, nausea, autoimmune diseases, insomnia, inflammation, muscle spasms, or other disorders, cannabis candy can transmit relief. These lollipops are also a great option for consumers who want to be friendly to their lungs or who want to avoid the smell of smoke.

Where can you get weed lollipops?

You can find cannabis-infused lollipops at dispensaries, online, at some pharmacies, or anywhere else where cannabis products are sold. Cannabis lollipops developed with THC are only legally sold from licensed dispensaries where medical and recreational cannabis is permitted.

When choosing a brand, look for well-labeled merchandise that is lab-tested for contaminants and potency. If you have allergies, use edibles with caution; some edibles are made in kitchens with traces of nuts, gluten, lactose, and other allergens. 

Do cannabis lollipops get you high?

Cannabis lollipops sold in dispensaries usually contain a strength of between 25 mg to 125 mg THC. This will give you a high ranging from a mild buzz to a major perception change. The high from a cannabis lollipop may last between 2-6 hours.

Just like with other cannabis edibles, these candies can take a bit of time to kick in. For this reason, it’s advisable to wait for two hours after initial consumption before you decide to have more. Start low and go slow is the general rule for consuming edibles.

Lick with caution

Candy may seem innocent, but looks can be deceiving. Don’t underestimate the strength of any edibles, weed lollipops included. Keep cannabis lollipops out of reach from children and pets and discuss trying this form of marijuana with your doctor if you have any concerns. Give cannabis lollipops a try today and see for yourself if you think the high is sweet!


Philip Ghezelbash is passionate about presenting complex science in an easy to digest manner and is a firm believer in the power of cannabis. As an ex-personal trainer, science graduate, best-selling author, and freelance writer, Philip has helped educate millions of curious people around the world about science-based health, nutrition, and fitness.


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