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Dank’s Guide for How to Make Hash


Dank’s Guide for How to Make Hash

If you want to know how to make hash, check out this simple guide. There are tons of methods to use and a variety of different hash products to create. Learn a few different techniques for creating hashish and discover the best strains to use for a high quality product.

Learning how to make hash is an easy and fun process that every stoner should master. Hash is a cannabis concentrate that can be added to a bowl, or smoked on its own, for an enhanced high. There are many different types of hash, including bubble hash, full melt, Lebanese hash, Afghani royal hash, and more. Each variety is made using a different technique, which produces unique textures and cannabinoid profiles. 

There is a kind of mystique that surrounds hash, also called hashish, that makes the product seem exotic. Hash is potent, portable, and has an old-school hippy reputation that ups the cool factor. Since hash is loaded with terpenes, it has a beautiful aroma and distinct flavor.

What is Hash?

Hash is the compressed resin from the flowers of a cannabis plant. This cannabis concentrate is created when cannabinoids and trichomes are extracted from the plant with pressure and high temperatures. The marijuana strain used will effect the potency, taste, smell, and effects.

This concentrate is typically soft and pliable, but varieties can be brittle and stiff. Hash extracted from plant matter is commonly pressed into blocks or rolled into balls.  The color of hashish can be anything from black, brown, red, green, yellow, or gold.

Hash is potent and contains high levels of THC. Adding some to a pipe or joint will go a long way. It can also be used in cooking to make edibles or infuse into oil, butter, and cream.

How to Make Dry Sift Hash

Dry sift hash is basically just refined marijuana kief. Making this version of hashish is relatively simple and requires very little equipment or setup. 


  • Micron screens of varying sizes
  • Box or container

Dry sift hash is made by passing the plant material through smaller and smaller screens, making the concentrate more refined. The final product will be potent and pure, as plant waste is left behind on the screens. Having a box, bucket, or container under the screens will be useful for collecting the hash.

Step One: The First Screen

Push the plant material through the first screen until no more resin passes through. There will most likely be some contaminants left in the sifted product.

Step Two: Continue Sifting

Use your screens in order of descending size, so that the holes in the screen become smaller each time. Once you’ve pushed the plant material through a screen, set the filter aside and repeat with the next size. Continue until you get down to the final screen. You can save and label the sift collected from each micron size. The dry sift hash collected from the final layer will be the highest quality of the concentrate. 

How to Make Bubble Hash

Bubble hash, also known as ice hash or ice wax, is a crumbly cannabis concentrate. This form of hash is created using silk screen filters, ice, and water to detach the trichomes and cannabinoids. Kits called Bubble Bags can be used to easily make bubble hash. Plant material like leaves, trimmings, and stems work best for making bubble hash.


  • Bubble Bags
  • Bucket
  • Ice
  • Hand mixer or other stirring instrument

Bubble hash is created when cannabinoids and entire trichomes are extracted from marijuana plant material using cold temperatures and screens. This concentrate is potent and pure, with a strong smell and flavor. Frozen plant material works best for creating the highest quality hash.

Step One: Line the Bucket with Bubble Bags

Begin by lining the bucket with the smallest filter from your Bubble Bag kit. Continue with the next size up until the largest filter bag is on the top. This largest filter will be the first to be filled and removed.

Step Two: Fill the Bucket

Fill the bucket with ice until it’s about halfway full. Once the bucket is nearly half full, start layering in weed and plant material. Starting at the bottom of the bucket, moving upwards, the mixture should alternate between layers of ice and weed until you reach the top of the bucket. The last layer should be ice only. Then, fill the bucket with cold water until its full, but leave enough room that you can stir without making a mess.

Step Three: Stir

Allow the water to sit and permeate the plant material, then begin to gently stir. Stirring will get easier as the ice melts. The ideal time to mix for is about 10 to 15 minutes. Using an electric hand mixer can make this process significantly either. However, use with caution, as this device can be powerful.

Step Four: Strain

Strain the water from each bag until nothing is left but plant substance and ice. The hash will become more pure as you get down to the smallest screen. Note the micron size of the product collected from each bag, since each will have a different spectrum of flavors and potency.

How to Make Dry Ice Hash

Dry ice hash is a cannabis concentrate created from refined extracted resin. This form of hash is extraordinarily pure, and is pleasant to add to bowls or joints.


This form of hash is made by separating resin glands from the cannabis plant material. Using micron screens or bubble bags, the hash can become more refined and pure. The final product will be potent, as the plant waste is left behind and filtered out.

Step One: Fill the Bucket

Fill the bucket with cannabis trim until it’s about halfway full. Then, begin adding dry ice. Use caution when handling dry ice and always wear protective gloves. Stir and shake carefully for a few minutes to separate the resin glands from the plant.

Step Two: Secure the Bubble Bags to the Bucket

Apply the Bubble Bag to the top of the bucket. Wrap it around securely so that you can turn the bucket upside down. Choose the mesh bag with your desired purity level. For example, a 73um bag will give the purest results while a 160um bag will provide you with more quantity, but also more plant material. 

Step Three: Flip the Bucket

Flip the bucket while holding it over a flat, clean surface. Do this step outside, over towels, or somewhere else that would be easy to clean in case anything leaks. Make sure you have a tight grip on the bag and begin to shake the mixture. A dark amber looking dust will emerge. This is the resin that you can press into dry ice hash.

Other Methods To Try

There are many methods for creating hash, and tons of different hashish varieties to explore. The option that works best for you will depend on your weed, budget, time, and other factors.

Hand Rolling

Making hand rolled hashish is incredibly simple. This concentrate is naturally produced by handling large amounts of cannabis. When working with marijuana, you may notice that the trichomes will stick to your hands or gloves. Roll this material off your fingers and into a ball to create a form of hash.

The Blender Method

The blender method of producing hash isn’t much different than creating regular bubble hash. Both methods extract cannabinoids and trichomes using cold temperatures and screens for filtering. The blender method involves putting cannabis trim into a blender and covering the plant matter with cold water and ice. Then, blend for about 1 minute.

Filter this mixture through a silkscreen into a jar. Then, this liquid can be poured back into the blender to repeat the process. The more the mixture is blended and strained, the more potent and pure it will be. Repeat the process 4 to 5 times for a great hash.

The Best Strains for Hash

The best hash starts from the best cannabis, so make sure you’re choosing good strains from premium plants. Some marijuana strains are better than others for hash production. 

Best Strains For Hash

  • Royal Gorilla
  • Sour Diesel
  • Ice
  • G13
  • OG Kush
  • Chemdawg
  • Hash Plant
  • White Widow
  • Hashberry

Finding good quality hash isn’t always easy, but you can guarantee excellent results when you’re in charge. Try to make your own hashish today, and stay lifted!


Samantha is the Editor-who-Chiefs at Dank and a passionate cannabis enthusiast. She loves yoga, traveling, and hanging out with her three precious angel baby cats.


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