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How to Roll a Dutch Master Blunt like a Pro


How to Roll a Dutch Master Blunt like a Pro

Have you tried smoking a Dutch masters blunt? This smooth, flavorful blunt is sure to enhance any smoking experience. Learn how to roll these blunts like a pro to impress your friends at the next sesh.

A Dutch master blunt is a nice alternative to a standard blunt that could liven up your next smoke session. Unlike joints, they burn cleanly and evenly. Smoking Dutch master blunts is a smooth experience that is sure to please any stoner.

What are Dutches?

A Dutch masters blunt, sometimes called a Dutch, is named after and created from the wrap of a Dutch Masters cigar. Dutch blunt wraps are different from other wraps and cigarillos, like Swisher Sweets, that are made with pressed tobacco. Dutch Masters are instead wrapped in natural tobacco leaves. This allows for smoother, cleaner feeling hits.

Dutch blunts are known for their variety of enticing flavors like strawberry, vanilla, chocolate, grape, wine, cognac, and more. A fan favorite called Palma, also known as Vanilla Dutches, is unflavored aside from the natural taste of the aged leaf.

What You Need to Roll a Dutch Master Blunt

  • Dank weed
  • Lighter and/or hemp wick
  • Rolling tray or a clean surface
  • Dutch Masters cigar
  • Grinder
  • Knife or blade

How to Roll a Dutch Master Blunt

Step 1: Grind Your Weed

Pick out your favorite strain of sativa, indica, or hybrid cannabis. The first step to rolling the perfect Dutch is grinding up your weed.

If you don’t have a grinder, you can use scissors or break it apart by hand. Finely ground cannabis will be easier to roll. Make sure to remove any stems.

Step 2: Prep Your Dutch Masters Cigar

Since Dutch Masters are made using dry, aged tobacco leaf, its recommended to start by wetting the cigar. To do this, gently lick the cigar or moisten your fingers and run them over the wrap. Moistening the cigar will loosen up the outer leaf.

Step 3: Remove the Outer Leaf

While the Dutch is still moistened, start removing the outer wrap from the cigar. It may help to use your fingernails when peeling this outer leaf away from the inner cigar.

If you’re struggling, using a knife to lift the corner of the wrap may make it easier. Be gentle, as these blunt wraps are easy to rip or tear. Once the outer leaf is removed, set it aside to use later.

Step 4: Cut the Inner Cigar Open

Now that you have access to the inner cigar, it’s time to carefully cut it open. Take your knife or blade and cut a straight line vertically along the seam. Making the cut as straight as possible will make rolling the Dutch a lot easier. Once you have the Dutch Masters cut open, dispose of the tobacco that’s inside.

Step 5: Pack Weed into the Blunt

Place your freshly emptied cigar wrapper onto a rolling tray or clean surface. Rolling on top of something as simple as a piece of paper will help you avoid losing bud and keep mess to a minimum.

Start filling the Dutch rolling paper with the ground weed. Once it’s generously packed, start pressing the wrap into a blunt-like shape.

Step 6: Roll the Dutch Blunt

Tuck one edge of the wrap underneath the other and roll it tight towards yourself. Once you’ve gotten it tight enough, but not too tight, lick across the tucked part to seal it shut. Keep tucking any excess leaf where needed. 

Step 7: Reattach the Outer Leaf

Place the tip of the blunt onto the outer leaf and start rolling diagonally. Keep tucking the outer leaf around the blunt as you roll. Once you’ve finished rolling, you can lick the part you tucked for an extra seal.

Step 8: Let It Dry and Enjoy!

Wait for your fresh Dutch master blunt to dry, or take a lighter and run it gently across the seam to dry it quicker. Once the blunt wrap has dried, it’s time to take a few puffs. Kick back, light up, and enjoy smoking a Dutch masters blunt!

Don’t worry if you’re not able to get it perfect on the first try. Rolling a Dutch can feel tricky when you start out. The dry natural leaf is complicated and fragile to handle. However, with a little practice and effort, soon you’ll be rolling Dutch master blunts like a pro.


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