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Incredible Hemp Wick Benefits: The Best Lighter for Weed?

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Incredible Hemp Wick Benefits: The Best Lighter for Weed?

Hemp wick is the all-natural, alternative lighter perfect for any cannabis lover. Once you discover the health benefits, eco-friendly design, and other advantages, you may consider switching from a butane lighter to a hemp string t

Are hemp wicks the best lighter for weed? For many people who smoke weed on a regular basis, using a butane lighter is the most obvious, convenient choice. But are butane lighters bad for you? Of course, inhaling any kind of smoke isn’t great for your lungs, but avoiding butane and opting for more natural options could offer some benefits. Currently, one of the most popular alternative lighters on the market are hemp wicks.

What is hemp wick?

Hemp wicks are created from the fibers of hemp plants that have been woven together into a braided cord. Generally, hemp wicks are treated with beeswax to help them hold their shape and keep from unraveling. 

Using hemp string to light weed is a simple, quick experience. Light the end of the wick, then use the burning flame at the end of the hemp string to light the cannabis.

Top 5 hemp wick benefits

  1. Healthier – Hemp wicks help smokers avoid inhaling harsh chemicals like butane.
  2. Biodegradable – Hemp wick is made of all-natural ingredients that won’t end up in a landfill. It’s better for the environment.
  3. Long-lasting РA spool of hemp string can be as long as 800 feet, which is plenty of wick for even the heaviest smoker. 
  4. Enjoyable РUsing hemp wick enhances the smoking experience. Compared to butane lighters, hemp string tastes better and smokes more smoothly. 
  5. Convenient – Hemp strings can be tricky to use at first, but it doesn’t have to be inconvenient. Special¬†hemp wick lighters¬†can be used to help control the flame.

The appeal of butane lighters

Butane lighters are the classic instrument¬†used to light joints, bongs, blunts, and pipes. Popular lighter brands like Zippo, BIC, and Clipper are all standard in a stoner’s arsenal. These types of lighters are affordable and easily accessible. Butane lighters are widely available at most local smoke shops, grocery stores, gas stations, and corner stores, just to name a few places.¬†These lighters are compact and undeniably convenient.

Are butane lighters bad for you?

When you use a butane lighter to spark up a bowl, it’s hard to avoid inhaling the butane fumes. This fuel can be damaging to the body in a number of ways. Butane inhalation can create problems within the respiratory system, in the liver, and to other vital organs. This gas can also cause damage to red blood cells and tissue.

There are other drawbacks to using butane lighters as well. Since cheap butane lighters are disposable and made out of non-recyclable plastic, they create a ton of waste. This is bad news for any eco-friendly cannabis users who want to cut down on their pollution. Plus, butane lighters burn hotter than needed for smoking marijuana, which can waste bud.

Hemp wick lighters

If you‚Äôre interested in using a hemp wick, but you’re unsure about trying something new, you may want to try out a¬†hemp wick lighter. They’re designed to provide the benefits of hemp wicks without the drawbacks of having to carry around a giant spool.

However, most pre-made hemp wick lighter combos cost extra for the convenience. For those looking to go for the most cost-effective route, there are ways to make your own hemp string lighter. Invest in a big spool, then wrap a few inches around your lighter at home.

For a different DIY lighter route, you can light a candle and use that wick in the place of your hemp string. Some candles (particularly beeswax candles) can also help reduce the scent of smoke in the air.

So why use hemp wick instead of a lighter?

The health benefits and biodegradability of hemp wicks are undeniable and super appealing. Hemp strings can even be incorporated onto traditional lighters, making them just as convenient to use. If you’re looking for a super smooth, clean hit, hemp wicks might be for you.


At the end of the day, choosing to use a hemp wick or butane lighter is really based on your preferences. Some people are going to continue to prefer the compactness, portability, and familiarity of butane lighters. Regardless, hemp wick is definitely worth trying if you consider yourself a true cannabis lover.


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