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The Dankest Music to Listen to While You’re High


The Dankest Music to Listen to While You’re High

What are the best songs for a chill smoke session or an uplifted high? Check out these dank recommendations for the ultimate music and strain pairings.

Listening to music while high can be an incredibly impactful experience. The right song can help mellow you out or enhance your emotions and creativity. Nothing in this world pairs better with a dose of THC than some chill music to kick back to and enjoy. There are some great tracks just waiting to be discovered whether you like hip-hop, reggae, pop, electronic, or something in between.

(Jim Wilson – New York Times)

Below are some of the dankest new tunes to add to your cannabis playlist and the best strains to smoke while you jam along.


Hip-hop is one of the most popular genres to listen to while smoking weed. The melodic tempo found in rap songs is relaxing and rhythmic. Hip-hop artists also often use cannabis as a focus in their lyrics.

Kid Cudi

Kid Cudi is a skilled rapper and cannabis enthusiast. Some of his best songs are weed-related and discuss his incredible relationship with marijuana. Albums like Man on the Moon and tracks like “Day ‘N’ Night” or “Pursuit of Happiness (Nightmare)” will make you feel like you’re on a rocket to Mars.

One song, simply titled “Marijuana”, is another great song to play as you smoke. There are tons of rappers who like weed, but for Kid Cudi, cannabis is the ultimate muse.

Dank Recommends: Laughing Buddha, Blue Diesel, SFV OG Kush, and Monster Cookies

Mac Dre

Mac Dre was one of the West Coast’s most beloved rappers before his death in 2004. He pioneered an uptempo style of hip-hop commonly referred to as ‘hyphy’ music. His songs are chill, uplifting, and incredibly fun to smoke to with good friends or during parties. If you have the crew over and you’ve got some blunts or backwoods rolled, Mac Dre is an ideal pairing.

You can’t go wrong with songs like “Feelin’ Myself” and “Get Stupid.” Hyphy music is an excellent stoner genre, so make sure to check out similiar hyphy artists like E-40, Mistah Fab, and Nef the Pharaoh.

Dank Recommends: White Fire OG, Blue Widow, Agent Orange, and Mango

Snoop Dogg

Snoop Dogg is truly the stoner hip-hop artist. Even non-smokers immediately associate Snoop and his music with weed. The long-time marijuana advocate even has his own cannabis brand, Leafs by Snoop. Additionally, the rapper has also worked extensively with another celebrity cannabis connoisseur — Martha Stewart.

Snoop Dogg tracks like “Gin & Juice” and “Nuthin’ but a ‘G’ Thang” are perfect songs to roll a blunt and smoke it to. Listening to these dank songs with marijuana-laced lyrics may even end up getting you higher. 

Dank Recommends: God’s Gift, Blue Dragon, LA Confidential, and Snoop Dogg OG


Many people consider reggae to be the epitome of stoner music. Reggae originated in Jamaica in the 1960’s. Despite marijuana being illegal in Jamaica, cannabis culture, the Rastafari religion, and reggae music are all intertwined.

Bob Marley

Bob Marley is exactly what a lot of people think of when they think of reggae tracks or ‘stoner’ music. At this point, it’s a cliche for stoners to have a poster of Bob Marley on their wall. Marley’s music has a mellow sound that relaxes the mind and eases the stress out of your body. Listening to some classic Marley tracks and smoking a quality indica is the ultimate way to unwind.

Bob Marley’s sons Damien, Ziggy, and Stephen Marley also make incredible reggae music. If you’ve already heard all of Bob Marley’s classic songs, checking out some of his family’s work could be refreshing.

Dank Recommends: Hindu Kush, Marley’s Collie, Double Dream, and Bob Marley

Peter Tosh

Peter Tosh originally got his start in a group with Bob Marley called The Wailers. Tosh was a proud Rastafarian who vocally advocated for marijuana use and legalization.

Amongst the cannabis community, Tosh is perhaps most well-known for his iconic song, “Legalize It.” His reggae music will have you swaying to the beat and appreciating the lovely, medicinal marijuana plant.

Dank Recommends: Platinum OG, Super Skunk, Gelato, and 9 Pound Hammer

Slightly Stoopid

Slightly Stoopid is a unique band that mixes reggae with blues, folk, hip-hop, metal, punk, and rock. Their album Closer to the Sun is loaded with great songs to lift you up and elevate your high.

Some memorable tracks that’ll set the mood include “This Joint” and the smooth, islander-influenced “2 AM.” Slightly Stoopid makes perfect music for a chill summer kickback or an energetic wake and bake session.

Dank Recommends: Sherbet, Blue Dream, Granddaddy Purple, and Do-Si-Dos


Pop music is catchy, popular music that tends to have a hook and repeated choruses. This genre is usually lively, upbeat, and easy to dance to. Putting on a pop song may not be a great choice for a laid-back sesh, but it’s perfect for a party.


Lorde’s unconventional sound and thoughtful lyrics make elevated listening feel like an adventure. Her unique voice, paired with hard-hitting beats, will make your skin tingle. While a lot of people might not consider Lorde to be ‘stoner’ music, her melodies create an environment perfect for enjoying cannabis. 

Her best-known song “Royals” will have the whole party singing along and rocking to the beat. Another Lorde track, “Tennis Court” has a gritty, psychedelic element and relaxing beats. 

Dank Recommends: Zkittles, Maui Wowie, Girl Scout Cookies, and Grape Kush

Lana Del Rey

Lana Del Rey is a wonderful option for relaxing at a kickback or easing into a lazy weekend afternoon. Her songs give off an air of melancholy, and are perfectly paired with an indica bowl or an edible. Some classic, unforgettable songs like “Summertime Sadness” and “Diet Mountain Dew” are perfect for snuggling up with your sensitive side.

For an extra elevated experience, check out the music video for “National Anthem and get lost in the visuals. Lana’s aesthetic pairs extremely well with a mellow high.

Dank Recommends: Cherry Pie, Purple Trainwreck, Jillybean, and Cotton Candy Kush

Kali Uchis

Kali Uchis is a Columbian-American singer and songwriter with poppy tracks influenced by soul and R&B. When she first debuted in the music industry, her music was described as ‘genre-defying.’ 

Her album Isolation, featuring tracks like “Tyrant” and “After the Storm,” is an incredible sensory experience.

Dank Recommends: Animal Cookies, Forbidden Fruit, and Dutch Hawaiian

Willow Smith

This might be a surprise to some, but Willow Smith makes psychedelic, ethereal tracks that fit the stoner vibe perfectly. Don’t judge her solely based on “Whip My Hair” — she was young when it released, and it’s clear her music has since evolved. If you’re not convinced, check out the track “Wait a Minute!”

Her new sound is cosmic, and will make you feel like you’re floating through space before you even hit the blunt. 

Dank Recommends: Fire OG, White Rhino, Alien OG, and Space Queen


Electronic music offers a unique, euphoric sound that pairs perfectly with cannabis. This genre of music is most popular at clubs, raves, festivals, and any other party scene. Electronic dance music, or EDM, is ideal for creative, productive activities or dancing the night away.

Major Lazer

Major Lazer is an EDM trio that makes fun, fast music that’s great to groove to. The most commercially popular song “Lean On” is a fantastic hit to get lit to.

Major Lazer tunes are upbeat and intense, so their remix of “Light It Up” might have you jamming out on the couch in between puffs.

Dank Recommends: Blue Mystic, Chernobyl, Permafrost, and Candyland

The Chainsmokers

The Chainsmokers are an EDM-pop DJ-ing duo capable of getting any party started. Tracks like “Closer” and “Paris” are perfect for a fun, energetic high.

The Chainsmokers are easy to sing along with and dance to, which makes it a great song for any lively kickback.

Dank Recommends: Strawberry Banana, 3X Crazy, LSD, and Cotton Candy Kush


Galantis songs have great instrumentals, but the vocals are really what makes their music so special. Listening to “Runaway (U&I)” or “No Money” after an edible will have your mind wandering off on a daydream adventure.

Galantis music is perfect for a day of beautiful outdoor activities or a night of elevated creative projects. These tunes sound especially good if you’re lifted on a powerful hybrid.

Dank Recommends: Shoreline, Banana OG, The Sauce, and Kushberry

Mura Masa

Mura Masa produces a uniquely gentle electronic sound. While many EDM tracks from other artists tend to feel loud or chaotic, Mura Masa manages to make beautiful, simple music. His original version of “Lovesick” or collaboration on “1 Night” with Charli XCX are excellent songs for a smoke session.

The relaxing beats and beautiful instrumentals will comfort your elevated mind and heart. Mura Masa songs make you feel like you’re in tune with yourself, which can be ideal for a more introspective high.

Dank Recommends: Pineapple Kush, Golden Goat, and Godfather OG

Enjoy the Tunes!

Music is a release from reality that can bring us in touch with our emotions, ease tension from the body, and free our souls. Listening to music while high can be the ultimate experience if you pair the right tracks with the right strains. This list is a good start for anyone wanting to make a stoner playlist. Give these dank tunes a listen, and stay lifted!


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