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The Incredible Benefits of Cannabis for Women


The Incredible Benefits of Cannabis for Women

Cannabis provides benefits to everyone, but women in particular can enhance their lives with weed. How can marijuana help you manage pregnancy, parenting, and more?

More women than ever before are using cannabis, and for good reason. Marijuana and CBD can help with menstrual symptoms, pregnancy, childbirth, postpartum depression, parenting stress, menopause, and more. According to Erin Gore, CEO of Garden Society, “Cannabis helps women find joy and balance and be the best person they can be.”

Currently, the variety and availability of weed products designed for women is lacking. While there are some seriously powerful women of weed, the cannabis industry is largely male-dominated. This means that women’s issues are not as likely to be well-represented. After all, no one understands the wants, needs, and experiences of women better than other women.

Additionally, the research on the intersection of women’s anatomy and cannabis is inadequate. Federal illegality and a lack of interest from funding sources means very few studies regarding women and weed have been done.

Ellementa Empowers the Women of Weed

Aliza Sherman, the CEO of Ellementa, is working to destroy the stigma against women who use cannabis. Ellementa is a global cannabis education network for women only. The organization excludes men from its seminars and webinars in order to foster safe conversations about cannabis and women’s issues. Ellementa welcomes all women, but specifically tries to reach out to mothers, who are disproportionately affected by the stigma surrounding cannabis use.

Mothers and mothers-to-be possibly have the most to gain from an education in cannabis. Many mothers feel so judged regarding cannabis use, that they stop taking medical marijuana necessary for their own health and wellbeing. As Sherman explains, “The average woman in adulthood with children now must consider a wide range of people’s opinions in different social circles and being careful about when, where, and how cannabis is employed, and that’s a hard place to be when you want to take medicine or feel better.”

Cannabis & Pregnancy

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists currently recommends against using cannabis during pregnancy and while breastfeeding. There have been mixed results from studies looking to see if cannabis use impacts the health or development of infants. Some evidence suggests that cannabis use during pregnancy could increase the chance of stillbirths, premature births, and other complications. However, the research surrounding pregnancy and marijuana use is too limited to make a truly safe and informed decision. This can be a difficult choice for expecting mothers who rely on medical marijuana for their own health and quality of life.

CBD & Pregnancy

Most of the concerns regarding cannabis use and pregnancy have to do with THC. So is CBD safe to use while pregnant? The evidence is not conclusive, making CBD use while pregnant controversial. Many people argue that CBD is all-natural, safe, and medically beneficial. Others, however, worry that the cannabinoid could lead to complications.

Megon Dee Cave, owner of Oracle Infused in Portland, Oregon, used cannabis during both of her pregnancies and during the birth of her second child. A combination of CBD isolate and full-spectrum flower helped Megon treat nausea and hormone-induced migraines. She said that the pain would leave her in tears, but vaping CBD “relieved [the] pain in five minutes.” During Megon’s second pregnancy, she decided to forego an epidural and, instead, dosed herself with CBD during the birth.

In the end, any decisions you make surrounding your pregnancy should be discussed at length with a trusted medical professional. The safety of cannabis use while pregnant can’t be ensured.

Pot for Postpartum Depression

After pregnancy, cannabis can be a soothing tool for postpartum depression. However, it’s important to remember that if you’re breastfeeding, some cannabis will be passed along to your baby. For this reason, CBD is often recommended over THC. Some mothers even use CBD while breastfeeding to intentionally transmit the cannabinoid to their baby so that the baby can feel benefits from it as well.

Anecdotal reports suggest that dosing at 60mg or 80mg each day offers successful results. Rather than taking a large dose at once, it’s recommended to spread it out throughout the day. Taking CBD is therapeutic, and is known to calm stress, relieve head tension, and reduce nausea. Dosing throughout the day helps sustain this feeling throughout the waking hours.

Puff, Puff, Parenting

Many parents are finding that micro-doses of cannabis can really improve their lives. A little weed can help alleviate stress, promote sleep, maintain mental balance, and encourage mindfulness during daily activities. For years, alcohol has been the most popular substance for parents needing a break. Cannabis offers the same relief without pounding your liver or punishing you with a monster hangover. With more states legalizing weed than ever before, cannabis is quickly becoming the popular choice for people with families.

Despite this shifting popularity, alcohol use is still far less taboo than cannabis use. For this reason, wine from House of Saka is a wonderful choice for mothers. This beverage is loaded with nano-emulsified cannabinoids instead of alcohol. The rosé-inspired beverage allows women to consume wine socially, while actually enjoying marijuana instead of booze.

Marijuana Against Aging

There are very few products in the cannabis industry derived specifically for menopausal women. Mara Gordon, industry superstar and CEO of Aunt Zelda’s, wants to change this. She has created multiple marijuana-infused formulations for menopausal women to help mediate their symptoms. These products are designed for women over 40 who have experienced menopause, or as Mara Gordon says, “women of a certain age.” These women have the most to gain from the use of cannabis as an agent for enforcing homeostasis. Cannabis use has been known to help manage pain, inflammation, stress, depression, and other symptoms.

Women Love Weed

The marijuana industry is shifting as more women become vocal members of the cannabis community. Products designed for women specifically will likely become a huge trend in this market as legalization spreads.

Stop by the dispensary today and pick up a product for yourself or for the special lady in your life. Looking at all these incredible benefits, it’s no surprise that women really love weed!

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