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Top 10 Empowering Instagram Accounts to Follow as a Stoner Feminist

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Top 10 Empowering Instagram Accounts to Follow as a Stoner Feminist

Here are the top must-follow Instagram accounts if you love supporting gender equality and female empowerment as much as you love rolling up a joint.

Women are purchasing, consuming, and talking about marijuana more now than ever before. More importantly, women are also making a huge impact in the world of producing and selling cannabis products.


When the cannabis industry first began to blossom, women entrepreneurs found success and began lessening the gender gap in their field. In 2015, a study by MJBizDaily reported that 36% of business owners or executives in this industry were female. Comparatively, the percentage of women business owners in other industries in 2015 was 29%, a significant 7% less. The early success of women in the cannabis industry was exciting and created optimism amongst feminists.




However, as the cannabis industry matures and becomes more traditional, we find the number of female business owners and executives dropping. Since 2015, this number has dropped by nearly 10%, with now only 27% of these positions filled by a woman.


Now, more than ever before, we find it important to support other women and lift each other up to success. These 10 must-follow Instagram accounts (ranked in no particular order) are run by women and will inspire anyone who supports the intersectional feminist movement within the cannabis industry.


1. @CannabisFeminist



This Instagram account celebrates the beauty and femininity of cannabis and humanity. This page posts inspiring art, helpful information, and uplifting success stories about female cannabis users. We recommend follow @CannabisFeminist for beautiful and encouraging content.


2. @WomenGrow



The @WomenGrow Instagram account is one of the leading social media groups for women in the marijuana industry. This page posts educational content and information about events that empower and educate women interested in becoming a business leaders. Following this account is important for any aspiring entrepreneurs who would like to learn, grow, and network with like-minded women.


3. @StigmaAndStyle_



This account posts content to empower women and take away the negative stigma surrounding consuming marijuana. While there are more female weed smokers now than ever before, the negative stigma associated with it often leads to secrecy and shame – we recommend following @StigmaAndStyle_ for fresh, feminine content that celebrates cannabis and the women who use it.


4. @WomenofCannabiz



The @WomenofCannabiz profile is a resource hub for anyone who would like to learn more about the cannabis industry or marijuana in general. This Instagram account posts free, downloadable guides and literature that aim to educate and empower women who would like to become business owners in the cannabis industry.


5. @HighGirlsClub



The content posted on the @HighGirlsClub account is highly aesthetic and positively feminine. Featuring art, photography, and all things cannabis, this page is a must-follow for any woman who loves weed and appreciates beauty.


6. @LiftedLadiesBox



This account promotes the products sold in Lifted Ladies Boxes, a trendy subscription box service specifically for stoner chicks. We recommend following @LiftedLadiesBox if you’re interested in seeing adorable smoking accessories and learning about wonderful, witchy, weed-inspired brands.


7. @Grow.Sisters



The @Grow.Sisters account celebrates the sisterhood found amongst women in the cannabis industry and provides helpful information about cultivating your own marijuana. This page is inspiring, with captivating photos of the Grow Sisters community coming together to create happy lives and a healthy harvest.


8. @LadiesOfParadise



The Ladies of Paradise is a woman-run collaborative blog and creative agency for cannabis lovers and brands. We recommend following @LadiesOfParadise for an aesthetic look at cannabis and womanhood through vintage inspired artwork and photography. This page offers insights into the marijuana industry, profiles of influential people, and feel-good posts about the cannabis culture.


9. @MissGrass_



The @MissGrass_ Instagram account posts everything anyone could want to browse while they’re stoned – pictures of our favorite celebrities, encouraging feminist messages, breathtaking art, and relatable memes. Additionally, this page showcases products, events, and literature relevant to intersectional feminism or the cannabis culture.


10. @LittleMaryAndJane



This profile is a curated blog of beautiful photos that highlights how cannabis enhances our lives on a personal and spiritual level. The @LittleMaryAndJane account aims to empower women by educating them about marijuana products and removing the negative stigmas women often feel about using cannabis.


Samantha is the Editor-who-Chiefs at Dank and a passionate cannabis enthusiast. She loves yoga, traveling, and hanging out with her three precious angel baby cats.


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