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Cannabis in Canada – Dank’s Official Vacation Guide

The Canadian flag flying against a blue sky, but the maple leaf is a red marijuana leaf
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Cannabis in Canada – Dank’s Official Vacation Guide

Now that marijuana has been completely legalized throughout Canada, travel experts speculate that cannabis tourism could soon take off as a huge industry. In just retail sales alone, the Canadian cannabis industry is expected to earn $6.5 billion by 2020. However, Canada’s current laws restrict commercial public consumption, limiting what tourists can do and where they can smoke.

Currently, you must be 19 years old to possess or smoke marijuana in Canada. Cannabis can be purchased at dispensaries or online and can be smoked anywhere that allows for cigarette smoking. Adults can legally carry up to 30 ounces of dried herb, 150 ounces of fresh marijuana, 350 grams of liquid cannabis, or 75 grams of edibles. Crossing national borders with cannabis or operating vehicles under the influence is illegal.

While Canada’s cannabis tourism industry is only just blossoming, there are some great tours and retreats that have already been established. Dank is going across Canada and taking a look at the best tourist spots for the stoner on the go. Check out our list of cities below – Find the dankest destinations in your city!








Samantha is the Editor-who-Chiefs at Dank and a passionate cannabis enthusiast. She loves yoga, traveling, and hanging out with her three precious angel baby cats.


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