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Top 3 Essential Weed Accessories for Traveling Stoners

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Top 3 Essential Weed Accessories for Traveling Stoners

Are you ready to have the most fun, most stoned vacation of your life? Be prepared to smoke weed wherever you go with these awesome cannabis accessories. It’s time to travel in ultimate stoner style.

Cannabis legalization is trending all around the globe, which makes smoking weed while you travel easier than ever. Whether you’re traveling in the United States, to Canada, or to many countries in Europe, cannabis tourism is becoming increasingly popular. Some destinations are even marketed to stoners specifically, like marijuana-infused tours and getaways. Next time you’re planning a trip, make sure you pack these must-have cannabis products.

Smoke Honest Path Pipe

If you’re a stoner on-the-go who travels and smokes a lot, the Path Pipe is the perfect product for you. This slim aluminum pipe allows you to smoke cannabis flower comfortably and conveniently wherever you go. The Path Pipe is ideal for travel since it’s durable, portable, and discreet. The design is inconspicuous and the enclosed body conceals any odor. Slide back the cover to reveal a hidden bowl and a winding path that cools and filters smoke. A built-in stainless steel poker is also included, so you can be completely prepared for a smoke session wherever you go.

Most portable marijuana pipes are harsh and unpleasant to use, but the Path Pipe produces a mellow, clean draw. The intricate interior pathway forces the smoke to cool down to a pleasant temperature inside the chamber. This smart engineering creates incredibly smooth hits.

The Path Pipe is compact, discreet, and odorless enough to pack into any bag while you travel. You can even comfortably carry it around in your pocket. This pipe is durable and tough, so you can safely take it camping, to the beach, or to any other environment. Path Pipe is an essential marijuana accessory if you want to toke while you travel.

LighterBro Lighter Sleeve

The LighterBro Lighter Sleeve is the best weed accessory for the stoner on-the-go who loves always being prepared. Instantly transform your lighter into a handy multi-tool with tons of features. This sleeve includes a knife, screwdriver, bottle opener, and scissors. The next time you’re camping or smoking on the beach, you’ll be prepared with all the tools you need.

Pocket knives and multi-tools are wonderful items to travel with on vacation. Having a screwdriver or a knife on-hand could prove to be a life-saver. With the LighterBro Lighter Sleeve, you’ll never leave your tools or lighter behind. Use caution and your best judgement when bringing this item through security checkpoints. Lighters, pocket knives, and other tools may be banned on airplanes, trains, or at particular venues and events.

Hemp-Derived CBD

Packing CBD for your vacation can be complicated. This product is completely legal some places, while other destinations only make exceptions for medical purposes. Many locations allow CBD that’s been extracted from hemp plants, but forbid CBD derived from marijuana plants. These types of rules and restrictions make it difficult to know which kinds of CBD you should pack for your trip.

Regardless of your final destination, hemp-derived CBD is the safest option to pack for traveling. In the United States, CBD extracted from hemp plants is federally legal. This means that if you’re traveling to any of the 50 states, hemp-derived CBD is 100% allowed. On an international scale, this type of hemp oil is legal in countries like Canadathe UKMexico, and more.

Several reputable CBD brands on the market sell hemp-derived products. Companies like NanoPharm offer CBD oils that are full-spectrum and hemp extracted. These products are potent, pure, and generally safe to bring along on vacation. If you love cannabis, you’ll love the uplifting and calming effects of these products. Plus, these oils are naturally flavored with terpenes, for a delicious explosion of taste.

Cannabis herb and leaves for treatment broth, tincture, extract, oil. Selective focus. nature

Before your trip, research the relevant cannabis laws of your destination. Use caution when traveling to strict anti-cannabis states, since law enforcement officials may assume your CBD is illegal and marijuana extracted. It’s smart to travel with your products in their original packaging or with a lab analysis.

Travel with Cannabis

Going on vacation is way more fun when you travel with weed! Make sure you pack these three essential items before your next stoner getaway. Whether you’re camping in the forest or going to a big city, it pays off to be prepared. Before you travel anywhere, research the cannabis laws of your destination. Scope out local dispensaries near where you’re staying, or prepare to pack marijuana with you. With a Path Pipe, lighter sleeve, and some quality CBD, you can stay lifted your entire trip. Embrace your love of weed on your next vacation and find peace as a cannabis tourist.


Samantha is the Editor-who-Chiefs at Dank and a passionate cannabis enthusiast. She loves yoga, traveling, and hanging out with her three precious angel baby cats.


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